Monday, August 16, 2010

AND I am back....

Race season....Is on....I'm back!!!!!

Post Ironman...lost my passion...lost my love...searching for the past few months for my reason...why I love the sport...why I love what I do????

I think I found what I was looking for at Ragnar in July..
Dre, Larissa and I

While Ragnar is a 187 mile relay as you know... it was the team's effort that reminded me why I am out there was 25 hours in a van with 5 other people who were there encouraging and pulling for me on my was watching the ALL the runners out there giving it ALL they have to pull through for the team.... that made me remember how much I love the run!RAGNAR TEAM

Happily RAN Hood to Coast Relay last weekend 8/27-8/28..197 miles!
The mother of ALL RELAYS!...and again was inspired by ALL the runners out there...this time in awe of the speed and endurance of the elite teams that our team had the honor of starting with...My team wasn't slow by any means...
BUT there were dudes and chicks out there knocking out sub 6's for up to 8+ miles
beating the hell out of that difficult course...
I was humbled in this relay and reminded that
there is always someone faster and stronger.
Jacob, Carole, George, ME, Johny, Molly! Our VAN!
Team Soiled Legs- Minus Molly!

TRAINING is serious and should be done at high intensity....if it's comfortable you aren't trying hard enough...

As it turns out...having a job, children and being an endurance athlete is a little tougher to schedule around all things...over the last few weeks I have learned that time is limited and we need to maximize our opportunities when it comes to training. I also know I can't skip a workout...they all count...especially now.

Race season is in full swing...planning out my year with my "A" races...Boston and Ironman CDA and I am looking for a BIG PR on a half marathon this year....
me after knocking out 6:34 min miles..finding it!

Here is my line up: