Monday, August 16, 2010

AND I am back....

Race season....Is on....I'm back!!!!!

Post Ironman...lost my passion...lost my love...searching for the past few months for my reason...why I love the sport...why I love what I do????

I think I found what I was looking for at Ragnar in July..
Dre, Larissa and I

While Ragnar is a 187 mile relay as you know... it was the team's effort that reminded me why I am out there was 25 hours in a van with 5 other people who were there encouraging and pulling for me on my was watching the ALL the runners out there giving it ALL they have to pull through for the team.... that made me remember how much I love the run!RAGNAR TEAM

Happily RAN Hood to Coast Relay last weekend 8/27-8/28..197 miles!
The mother of ALL RELAYS!...and again was inspired by ALL the runners out there...this time in awe of the speed and endurance of the elite teams that our team had the honor of starting with...My team wasn't slow by any means...
BUT there were dudes and chicks out there knocking out sub 6's for up to 8+ miles
beating the hell out of that difficult course...
I was humbled in this relay and reminded that
there is always someone faster and stronger.
Jacob, Carole, George, ME, Johny, Molly! Our VAN!
Team Soiled Legs- Minus Molly!

TRAINING is serious and should be done at high intensity....if it's comfortable you aren't trying hard enough...

As it turns out...having a job, children and being an endurance athlete is a little tougher to schedule around all things...over the last few weeks I have learned that time is limited and we need to maximize our opportunities when it comes to training. I also know I can't skip a workout...they all count...especially now.

Race season is in full swing...planning out my year with my "A" races...Boston and Ironman CDA and I am looking for a BIG PR on a half marathon this year....
me after knocking out 6:34 min miles..finding it!

Here is my line up:


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ironman...A year in Making.

I will start with this...Ironman wasn't difficult was mentally draining for me...not just the race but everything it took getting me there and through the race. I have had some serious personal issues and have been trying to balance the emotions of that along with the amount of training and effort an Ironman takes.

Here is how my race went....I am using the word "race" loosely! ;)
Got into Couer D'Alene around 5:15AM race morning...with my sister, Kathy (both 2 time Ironman) and Monica...her first mine. Last minute bike adjustments, water bottles, etc...put some more nutrition in my bento and also in my run bag. Dropped off special needs bags and headed into the village area to put on the wet suit and get ready to roll. AT that point I was beginning to freak out...
the pros start and NOW I am really really nervous...
Wet Suit on...we all head down to the lake. It was a little choppy...and I am a shitty swimmer anyway so I was really getting freaked out...5 mins til go time...went to the water edge and cleaned my goggles...went straight back to the back of the pack for swim entry. I knew my plan was to go outside and try to stay away from all the masses...NOT possible...BTW! The cannon boom went and everyone was off...BUT Monica and I...we counted to 20 and made our way into the water...promising to stay with each other....headed straight into the masses...and about 200 meters in panic set it....breathing got completely out of whack...I wanted to quit...people on top of me...hitting me...pushing me...I knew it was going to happen this way BUT I was FREAKED! I rolled over onto my back...stared into the sky...and prayed to God to strike me with a lightening bolt! I waited for it...and when it didn't happen I knew I had to get thru the swim...Monica and I stayed together... we needed to...or we both might have quit. The turn around was choppy as hell and I tried to site as much as I could...we made the first loop in 49 mins and I knew then that I would make the swim cut...YES...I really am that slow of a swimmer! Second loop was even more choppy and lots of swells...I knew I was going to make it and that was the only thing pulling me thru...
made it to shore with a 1:49 swim I think...AND headed to T1.

Changed into the bike clothes...sunscreen on....and ready to roll...Quinny was ready to go...I thought...HOPPED onto my bike...and headed out on my 112 mile ride. Feeling great the first 20 miles or so....and then my inner thighS started to burn....hit the Hayden Hills and more leg issues...I ride hills...I have only felt this way once before...that was when I did my century and my air was low in my tires...Uh huh....I was having some issues...I checked the tires in the morning so I knew it wasn't that...checked my brakes and for some reason my brakes were squeezing my back tire rim....FOR about 45 miles.... I have no idea what happened...I couldn't get them to loosen up...took me like 20 mins to figure it out...and then I was off again...NOW being lapped by the pro's....which was cool as hell BTW! Started feeling better on the 2nd loop of the ride...BUT I lost about 20 mins and change and was frustrated as hell and my nutrition was jacked looking back! Need to get that figured out by next year....91 miles in I threw my chain...went to get off the bike and my seat fell off...(when they put my profile design water cage on my seat they forgot to tighten my seat back up)....THANK GOD a dude on the side of the road had wrenches and fixed it for me! His party was drinking Corona's and I have to be honest...I thought about just staying there!
I was sooooooo happy to hit t2...
AND MENTALLY I was done....

So...I hit the run...I ran about a mile and pretty much said screw this...couldn't get past the bike issues...and really had nothing to prove...HERE is where Ironman got me....I could have run. I looked for every reason to walk...and when I found my friend Cheryl...who wanted to quit...I made her my reason. We stayed together...walked the entire first half and then did the galloway method the 2nd half...I drank cola and ate potato chips...because I had no idea how much I screwed up on the bike...I could have body was saying head said HELL NO!

I (we) finished Ironman...15 hours later...I am trying to not have regrets...I learned a lot about that race and that distance. I learned a lot about me...could haves exist at every distance...I could have been 3 hours faster for sure...What's exciting...I can do it again next year and RACE my own race. Get my personal drama dealt with and move on...I still have the Ironman title...NOW to go back and feel like I really deserve it...

Today...I'm sad...cry a few tears a day...I think post Ironman is like postpartum depression...
The build up is a year in making...and it's over in less then a day...
I will never trade the experience...just going to learn and build on it.

I am an Ironman. =)
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SVIT Olympic Distance Triathlon

First...I haven't updated my blog for sometime...lots happening in life...lots of training for Ironman...a lot of new distances reached in the pool and on the bike! Did a century ride in headwinds for the first 50 miles and swam 4100 meters a few times....finished up strong and barfing in Boston in April just completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon....
June 13th...represents a few things for me...good things and things that didn't last...So this day was a good day to accomplish something...
something NEW to make an anniversary...
SVIT_md.jpgAlign Center
Got to the Tri site at lovely Lake Almaden in San Jose...I have swam there before...not exactly the purist water to mankind...met up with Tara and headed to the bike transition are where we set up our crap...invaded some dudes space...BUT didn't really care..we kinda went about our business...finally got all of our stuff set up and headed over to the marking line...WHY I didn't bring my own black sharpie...beyond my time.

All marked up...put the wet suits on and we headed down to the scummy lake...Being that I am old...I got to sit in anticipation and watch all the waves go...AND also being that I am slow in the swim the only thing going through my mind now...I'M GOING TO BE THE LAST ONE OUT OF THE WATER! So...I resolve to the fact that I can't be in the top of my age group for everything...I also am feeling more calm in the water then I thought I would...because I hate the swim so much and panicking means they will pull me out, right? BUT I'm not freaked....AND then the horn sounds....7:36AM...and swimming or trying to at least...


The swim starts....and I try to hang back and just kinda get into my you know the wave start in a swim is a mosh pit...I am being swam into, over, under...(I forgot about this from 15 yrs ago!) kicked and all I could think about was my teeth...I just wanted teeth when I got out of the water...then I started to wonder WHY the hell I was even in the water at all...and I know I am a better duathlete for sure...YEP...this was the second I wanted to quit...then I pulled it together...moved to the outside and just put my head down and swam...The swim course had many turns and was confusing...I tried to keep a few neon pink caps in my view at all times...I was also encouraged when I was passing caps from the waves that started before me....rounded the last turn and headed for shore...this felt like a long stretch...finally I hit the shore...YAY! 1500 meters DONE in the open water! I put my foot down and my left calf got a bad cramp...walked up the beach and was feeling pretty sea sick...I know...weird huh? Got to the bike transition and felt gear on and I was out of there....
(I was 32nd out of the water in my AG...LOL...I am that slow)


Headedout on thebike...feeling happy that I didn't drown and that I finished the swim without a complete freak out...first 10 miles weren't as fast as I wanted them to be...there was a head wind and I couldn't get avg mph was probably around 17.2...then about mile 14 there was a hill that was completely understated on the course info map...I was passing lots of people in AG and lower that were way faster on the I knew I was making up for that crappy swim...Came off the back side of that hill going about 40 and stayed about 2o the rest of the bike...sorta took me that long for my legs to remember what they know how to do...hammered out the last part of the bike at a nice pace...felt awesome.... got to the transition and Tara was heading out onto her run and yells "Come and catch me..."
(Bike rank 13th..I can bike better then this!)

911125697848630200.jpgAlign Center

Run start...was an easy transition....course was flat and I fast...could have been a faster run for was hot and I didn't have any electrolyte drink on my bike..I only had water...FAIL. AND the course aid was JUST water....caught up with Tara and had a little conversation with her...then took off...knocked out my first mile around 7:10 and then sorta just got into my happy pace and stayed there...I was passing lots of the 4 mile mark I picked it up a bit and just stayed focused on picking people off...
At this point I just wanted to finish around 3 hours... :)
(8th in the run...we know I am faster!)





Bib No













Shelly Centis












Had a great time...learned a lot...Next up Ironman...What the hell am I thinking?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Racing a 10K?


Christine registered me for the 10k...half was sold out...probably a good thing with Boston in a week...Arrived on time to pick her and Chris up to get to the start line on the Boardwalk...Get there with 26 mins to spare...Asked Christine where the bibs and chips were and SHE forgot them in the other car...SO back to Aptos we went....
MADE it back with 4 minutes to spare...OFF to the start we GO!


OK...I am NOT sure if I was racing Sunday's 10k or not...I knew I was just showing up to run...Started with the front of the pack because I hate getting stuck with all the chatters and walkers....Took off pretty quick...actually was the 3rd chick out for the 1st mile...At that point I wondered why I needed to run the first mile at a 7:18 pace...SO I thought I slowed down...The headwinds were pretty much at you both I didn't feel like I was moving very fast anyway...hit the 2 mile mark and checked my watch...7:10 pace...OOOPS....tried to be smart about running the straight lines and just have a nice tempo run...I really thought I was doing that...a few more chicks passed me between 2-3 miles and I was pretty cool with it...hit the 3 mile mark with a 22:45 split...decided at that point I could still PR with just a tempo run.....

Turned the corner on the final 3 and stayed focused on consistence pace...breathing...and pushing through the headwind. I don't lie...the headwind was both and out and back...the storm was blowing of the ocean and it was hard to breath. I didn't think I was moving what so ever...the mile markers were either blown over by the wind or I completely missed them...Hit the 5 miles around 38 mins....and felt pretty good...
thought Heck I could still PR with a 8 min mile FINISH!

Headed into the final mile...the wind switched up and it was at my back...I saw a lady and she held up 8 fingers indicating I was the 8th chick coming in...which was pretty cool considering I wasn't racing....Just stayed consistent not really kicking in any speed...UNTIL a chick in a BOSTON shirt from last year passed me!!!!!! OF Course I needed to pick up some speed and we turned the corner and headed to the finish on the beach....she beat me by a few seconds...and I probably shouldn't have started to have a full on conversation with her about Boston this year...BUT the thing was I really wasn't racing that 10K...until the last 200 yards.

Not bad for my first race of the year...PR'd with a 45:35, 2 mins improvement. I am NOT a 10k racer...I think I can take 2 more mins off that time if I knew how to race a 10k. 3rd in my AG and 9th chick overall...
Until I saw the results posted on line..

I will say was the most beautiful course...I love running along the ocean...even with the wind...the Ocean water splashing over the cliffs was awesome..I wished it was 100 degrees at the finish so I could jump in the water! Hopefully it will be HOT next year!


Results for the 10k and half:

It is GOOD to know my body has something in it for Boston....

See ya in Boston.... :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 weeks to Boston....#12167

Anxious. Excited. Nervous.
I've been there...I've done this race...this should be fun.
The Boston Marathon is a BIG deal no matter proved you can get you need to prove you still have it...and should be there!

I haven't run anything over 16 miles...My focus is on my A race...Ironman...SO I felt like my run was suffering. My bike is getting stronger and I am in fact becoming a better swimmer (even though it is the MOST boring of the 3 to me!) BUT somehow I felt like my run was lost...a few weeks ago I was thinking I can pull of a 3:30 in Boston...NOT so sure...

Monday...I headed out on a 3 hour 2...easy. The first few miles were slow..just trying to find my zone 2...pacing at 9:10 pace...slow and certainly NOT Boston worthy...I kept telling myself LONG runs should always be 30-90 seconds slower then your race speed. I was still feeling slow, lame and SO NOT READY for Boston.

Ran the first 10 miles in 1:30...right on a 9 min miles pace...Not feeling bad...turned around and started headed back 10...and somewhere in the last 10 miles my body remembered what it was supposed to do...My average pace for 20+ was 8:54...I felt strong all the way back...JUST doing the miles made me realize that I can pull of 26.2 in Boston....
BUT can I pull it off with a Boston course PR? That's a whole other question....

See ya in Boston...I'm as ready as I am going to be...

If you care to follow your favorite runners...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting BOSTON back...

Alright..I admit it...I lost that loving feeling for the marathon...13 last year and the 6 halves plus the training sorta SUCKED the running LOVE out of me...
Of course there is the other crap in my life that zapped
far too much energy from my being as well...

NO more's time to get my RUN ON.......

Yesterday...March 15, 2010....WAS my turning point...I have 5 weeks to get to Boston...And am I ready to run a sub 3:30???...not today...BUT in 5 weeks I'm finding a 3:30 or better.
Not a PR but a PR on the Boston course...

(The start....)
I pulled off 16 miles on an 8:35 pace and that was a fight...
(sorta was THE wake up call!)
I haven't run long since Vegas RnR in December and believe me...I had NO issues with just doing 13 max for awhile...
Post run Sunday I felt like I banged out a marathon...calf pain and such...
Nutrition needs an evaluation as does liquid intake on the longs..
struggling with it for awhile...suggestions are welcome.... :)

(my cousin in Boston..wont be back til 2011!)

Sooooooo......The next 5 weeks is about getting the run back...digging deep and finding my speed again....What that looks like for miles...some 2o milers with some mid week 10's and recovery runs...and then the taper...OH yeh...and Ironman training too....

Catch ya in Boston...Lets DO THIS!

Some of my favorite things and sites... (I will be sporting sleeves in Boston this year!) love the NUUN!) (The training...the coach...the bible!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 MODIFIED...Life happens...

Time....change....and listening to my body....

Of course I wanted to go into 2010 with some HUGE race schedule...SO I planned out the year with my focus on Boston and Ironman....I really hadn't looked at the training schedule, the time commitment or mentally where I was in my life...So much change happening around me. I underestimated how mentally I needed to be in my game...not just for a race BUT the training too..I also want to take in and feel what is happening around me on the path to a GREAT RACES!

That brings me to where I am today...trying to get life finalized along with my race schedule and rebuild my mental game.

2009 is a blur to me...I ran from a silly little thing called LIFE...easier to deal with things when you are training 24/7....and avoiding THINGS! 13 marathons, 5 half marathons and all the training along the way made it really easy to not think about the reality of life...

Lots of decisions...lots of change and a new race schedule...Mentally I am coming back...and I will be stronger physically this look for more PR's out of me....

Here is the NEW race schedule for 2010:
  • Boston April 19th...going for a sub 3:25
  • Wildflower Oly Tri May 2nd...Just a training race for IM
  • Ironman June 27th...Sub 12 is my goal...and not drowning of course...

***I will add on some half marathons in the mix...Goal is to run a sub 1:35 half. Probably in December in Vegas****

Life is GOOD... :)

"Struggles are what we need in our life. If YOU live life without obstacles, we would be crippled. Give every opportunity a chance, leave no room for regrets."