Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding My Inner Peace...

2012 was my year to lose the baggage and to get back to loving the sport...I didn't race hard...I just raced. It felt awesome!!!

Trail Hog! Age Group top 3! :)

Ragnar Ultra Team! Love my Girls!

The first half of 2012 I was looking for a purpose....ironman on tap with zero desire to commit to that distance...I dropped. I qualified for Boston...1 PR. 2012 wasn't about was all about clarity....finally I found it....

Post Race SF Half! :) 
The half marathon. I like it...NO, I love it! 2012 ended up being the year of the Half marathon...half racing...half way to a new year. I also realized what the sport of running does for my completes me. I have made some very good friends along the journey to where I am today. I was able to let go of the negative junk that was clogging my head...wasting my mind space. I was finally able to breath again. I ran a lot of miles and did a lot of reflecting.

My race year recap:

  • 15 half marathons (started trail running too!)
  • 1 full
  • Ragnar ultra relay
  • 4 Adventure runs
  • 0 triathlons ;)
  • 1 finalized divorce (the hardest race of my life...)


Here's to a great year with my running people! Who get the same feeling I get at the start, finish and during the race. Who get ME!
This year promises many races...
I believe this is the year for PR's!! 

It also represents a new beginning with a meaningful vision for me...leaving the past where it belongs 
and making new friendships! 

Happy New Year! 
May you find motivation to get off your ass and to do something good for your body! Pick a race...find a friend...step out of your comfort zone...

Commit to the FINISH!