Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tough Call....Looks like I'm going ULTRA

Ironman Arizona....

Tough decision. I'm out!!! I made the decision to pull out of Ironman Arizona. I don't like to think of this decision as quitting....My reasons are simple....I don't love the swim or the bike for that matter. I love the run. I don't have the time to spend training to really RACE!

Time is valuable for me this year. My oldest son is a senior in high school and my youngest in the 7th grade. The seconds, minutes and hours count for me right now. Time I can't use selfishly on the triathlon training. I could do the same as last year for Ironman with minimal training and wing race day...BUT that doesn't make for racing!

Right now...I am going to focus on my KIDS and the RUN, ULTRA that is....I will register for Ironman in 2014 and make it a RACE!

My new race line up:

HAPPY RUNNING! Happy training! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting My MOJO Back....

Where have I been?????

Just watching. Reading. Trying to get myself motivated to get my race back. Been focusing on the half marathon...I closed out 2011 with a few PR's for this distance...figured out how to race this distance and starting to feel confident with finding my race again.

The last year of racing I haven't had the desire, the fire, the passion or the need to race myself...just went out for the finish...UNTIL I bought my power balance band of course!

San Jose Rock and Roll Half 1:40.03
Morgan Hill Half 1:42 HILLY!
Race with the Jets 1:38.... That was my GOAL!

Started out 2012:
Napa Valley Marathon: 3:40, Boston PR.
St Patricks Half 1:41 and some change...just 2 weeks after excuses....mentally I was giving myself many reasons to be a sissy.


Next up:
Santa Cruz Half April 1
Diva Half Marathon- MAY
Ironman Az.- November

Layering in some tri's along the way....more riding and more swimming...definitely on the ticket.

2012 means racing...digging in deep and doing what I am physically capable of doing. Leaving it all out there on the course...that's the MOJO I am looking for....

Stay tuned...

See you on the course...