Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting My MOJO Back....

Where have I been?????

Just watching. Reading. Trying to get myself motivated to get my race back. Been focusing on the half marathon...I closed out 2011 with a few PR's for this distance...figured out how to race this distance and starting to feel confident with finding my race again.

The last year of racing I haven't had the desire, the fire, the passion or the need to race myself...just went out for the finish...UNTIL I bought my power balance band of course!

San Jose Rock and Roll Half 1:40.03
Morgan Hill Half 1:42 HILLY!
Race with the Jets 1:38.... That was my GOAL!

Started out 2012:
Napa Valley Marathon: 3:40, Boston Qualifier...no PR.
St Patricks Half 1:41 and some change...just 2 weeks after Napa...no excuses....mentally I was giving myself many reasons to be a sissy.


Next up:
Santa Cruz Half April 1
Diva Half Marathon- MAY
Ironman Az.- November

Layering in some tri's along the way....more riding and more swimming...definitely on the ticket.

2012 means racing...digging in deep and doing what I am physically capable of doing. Leaving it all out there on the course...that's the MOJO I am looking for....

Stay tuned...

See you on the course...

1 comment:

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