Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SVIT Olympic Distance Triathlon

First...I haven't updated my blog for sometime...lots happening in life...lots of training for Ironman...a lot of new distances reached in the pool and on the bike! Did a century ride in headwinds for the first 50 miles and swam 4100 meters a few times....finished up strong and barfing in Boston in April just completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon....
June 13th...represents a few things for me...good things and things that didn't last...So this day was a good day to accomplish something...
something NEW to make an anniversary...
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Got to the Tri site at lovely Lake Almaden in San Jose...I have swam there before...not exactly the purist water to mankind...met up with Tara and headed to the bike transition are where we set up our crap...invaded some dudes space...BUT didn't really care..we kinda went about our business...finally got all of our stuff set up and headed over to the marking line...WHY I didn't bring my own black sharpie...beyond my control...next time.

All marked up...put the wet suits on and we headed down to the scummy lake...Being that I am old...I got to sit in anticipation and watch all the waves go...AND also being that I am slow in the swim the only thing going through my mind now...I'M GOING TO BE THE LAST ONE OUT OF THE WATER! So...I resolve to the fact that I can't be in the top of my age group for everything...I also am feeling more calm in the water then I thought I would...because I hate the swim so much and panicking means they will pull me out, right? BUT I'm not freaked....AND then the horn sounds....7:36AM...and swimming or trying to at least...


The swim starts....and I try to hang back and just kinda get into my thing...WELL...as you know the wave start in a swim is a mosh pit...I am being swam into, over, under...(I forgot about this from 15 yrs ago!) kicked and all I could think about was my teeth...I just wanted teeth when I got out of the water...then I started to wonder WHY the hell I was even in the water at all...and I know I am a better duathlete for sure...YEP...this was the second I wanted to quit...then I pulled it together...moved to the outside and just put my head down and swam...The swim course had many turns and was confusing...I tried to keep a few neon pink caps in my view at all times...I was also encouraged when I was passing caps from the waves that started before me....rounded the last turn and headed for shore...this felt like a long stretch...finally I hit the shore...YAY! 1500 meters DONE in the open water! I put my foot down and my left calf got a bad cramp...walked up the beach and was feeling pretty sea sick...I know...weird huh? Got to the bike transition and felt better...bike gear on and I was out of there....
(I was 32nd out of the water in my AG...LOL...I am that slow)


Headedout on thebike...feeling happy that I didn't drown and that I finished the swim without a complete freak out...first 10 miles weren't as fast as I wanted them to be...there was a head wind and I couldn't get moving...my avg mph was probably around 17.2...then about mile 14 there was a hill that was completely understated on the course info map...I was passing lots of people in AG and lower that were way faster on the swim...so I knew I was making up for that crappy swim...Came off the back side of that hill going about 40 and stayed about 2o the rest of the bike...sorta took me that long for my legs to remember what they know how to do...hammered out the last part of the bike at a nice pace...felt awesome.... got to the transition and Tara was heading out onto her run and yells "Come and catch me..."
(Bike rank 13th..I can bike better then this!)

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Run start...was an easy transition....course was flat and I fast...could have been a faster run for me...it was hot and I didn't have any electrolyte drink on my bike..I only had water...FAIL. AND the course aid was JUST water....caught up with Tara and had a little conversation with her...then took off...knocked out my first mile around 7:10 and then sorta just got into my happy pace and stayed there...I was passing lots of people...at the 4 mile mark I picked it up a bit and just stayed focused on picking people off...
At this point I just wanted to finish around 3 hours... :)
(8th in the run...we know I am faster!)





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Shelly Centis












Had a great time...learned a lot...Next up Ironman...What the hell am I thinking?


  1. Awesome job, Shelly. You'll kick-ass in Hawaii.

  2. Awesome work - you're ready for IM.

  3. I know your faster than that on the bike but at least you didn't get chicken on the downhill.

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