Monday, April 12, 2010

Racing a 10K?


Christine registered me for the 10k...half was sold out...probably a good thing with Boston in a week...Arrived on time to pick her and Chris up to get to the start line on the Boardwalk...Get there with 26 mins to spare...Asked Christine where the bibs and chips were and SHE forgot them in the other car...SO back to Aptos we went....
MADE it back with 4 minutes to spare...OFF to the start we GO!


OK...I am NOT sure if I was racing Sunday's 10k or not...I knew I was just showing up to run...Started with the front of the pack because I hate getting stuck with all the chatters and walkers....Took off pretty quick...actually was the 3rd chick out for the 1st mile...At that point I wondered why I needed to run the first mile at a 7:18 pace...SO I thought I slowed down...The headwinds were pretty much at you both I didn't feel like I was moving very fast anyway...hit the 2 mile mark and checked my watch...7:10 pace...OOOPS....tried to be smart about running the straight lines and just have a nice tempo run...I really thought I was doing that...a few more chicks passed me between 2-3 miles and I was pretty cool with it...hit the 3 mile mark with a 22:45 split...decided at that point I could still PR with just a tempo run.....

Turned the corner on the final 3 and stayed focused on consistence pace...breathing...and pushing through the headwind. I don't lie...the headwind was both and out and back...the storm was blowing of the ocean and it was hard to breath. I didn't think I was moving what so ever...the mile markers were either blown over by the wind or I completely missed them...Hit the 5 miles around 38 mins....and felt pretty good...
thought Heck I could still PR with a 8 min mile FINISH!

Headed into the final mile...the wind switched up and it was at my back...I saw a lady and she held up 8 fingers indicating I was the 8th chick coming in...which was pretty cool considering I wasn't racing....Just stayed consistent not really kicking in any speed...UNTIL a chick in a BOSTON shirt from last year passed me!!!!!! OF Course I needed to pick up some speed and we turned the corner and headed to the finish on the beach....she beat me by a few seconds...and I probably shouldn't have started to have a full on conversation with her about Boston this year...BUT the thing was I really wasn't racing that 10K...until the last 200 yards.

Not bad for my first race of the year...PR'd with a 45:35, 2 mins improvement. I am NOT a 10k racer...I think I can take 2 more mins off that time if I knew how to race a 10k. 3rd in my AG and 9th chick overall...
Until I saw the results posted on line..

I will say was the most beautiful course...I love running along the ocean...even with the wind...the Ocean water splashing over the cliffs was awesome..I wished it was 100 degrees at the finish so I could jump in the water! Hopefully it will be HOT next year!


Results for the 10k and half:

It is GOOD to know my body has something in it for Boston....

See ya in Boston.... :)


  1. Good report. The coolest thing about racing a 10k is when you are just in sight of the finish line...and you think, wow is this already over?

    Do well in Boston!

  2. I would say there were a few cheaters out there. Great race. Have fun in Boston.

  3. Great report, but I would like to say in my defense. I left the bibs in the car so I would not forget. Had we taken the other car like we were going to,I would not have forgotten them. I should get points for that. hahaha Had a great time hanging and thanks for your support. Your a great friend!