Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is it Selfish? Just Venting....

Yes...I train A LOT...NO I don't have a job...YES, I need one. NOW that we have cleared that up I can move on...

I am part of the unemployment statistic in California...I am searching for a job, which is a full time job...I am also a stay at home mom right now and that too is a full time job. I am an athlete and my training happens to fill in the blank spaces on my calendar. Believe me...I juggle to make it happen.

I have been called selfish for spending the amount of time I do on training and racing. I'm not sure what is selfish about wanting to be in good shape, trying my hardest and maybe WINNING a race here and there. I put my family first...I get my kids to school, to their sports, to the doctor..I make sure everyone has food, homework is done...I do the parent meetings, the back to school nights and I'm even a room parent. I am no different from the other moms or wives...with the exception of being an athlete.

Why am I explaining my life? Why do some people judge what I do? I'm setting an example perhaps? Trying to keep up with my kids...trying to not go postal...I need to do what I do or the lives of others will be altered...Or maybe I do alter lives in a good way...just maybe I can inspire a mom, a sister, a wife, a friend to register for a race or to just get their ass moving! Maybe this is supposed to be my job....
Join me in one these races to close up 2009:
October 4th...Cowtown Marathon
October 11th..Long Beach Marathon
October 18th..Nike Half Marathon
November 15th...Malibu Marathon
December 6th...Las Vegas RnR Marathon

My 2010 calendar is in motion.. Wildflower, Vineman (maybe!), Ironman CDA and Boston Marathon, Big Sur Marathon and Eugene Marathon in 13 days...STAY tuned more to come!


  1. chill !

    and whats a room mom ?

  2. I think you're just another amazing woman who has to juggle a zillion things in her life. Woman get the short end of the stick on a lot of things. All women's lib did was make more work for us. BUT we can do it, 'cause we're women! LOL

    You're doing great, Shelly!

  3. Love ya Shelly! I don't think you have to explain yourself to anyone. It's tough balancing life and you're doing an amazing job. Everyone has slightly different priorities and if working out keeps you sane and makes you a better person for you and your family, that's what's important. Anyone who judges should first take a look in the mirror and figure out why THEY are so unhappy. Good luck this weekend!

  4. I've always thought that not giving an F about your body and leaving your kids/significant other years early because you never took care of yourself is way more selfish than any amount of time I'll ever spend on training.

    Dont stop. Keep on moving Shelly!

  5. I can sympathize. Am unemployed too. Bites the big one. Good luck.

  6. You're a huge inspiration to this new runner!! Good Luck in SAC!

  7. I agree. You are an inspiration to this runner, as well! You fill the time that you have available and use the opportunity to train and enjoy the ability that you have.

    I say, "Congratulations!" You've done it!

  8. It is not selfish, it is simple math: happy mommy=happy kids. Some moms are happy working, some are happy shopping, some of us are happy running/biking/boxing. Life is about being healthy, doing what you love and being comfortable with your own choices: that is the best lesson any kid could learn, and if your kids learn it from you then they are lucky!

  9. You don't need to explain. Tell your critics to kiss your ass and to mind their own effing business. Kill it Sunday!

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  11. Selfish...hahaha Who ever said that to you only wishes they could be you. Your a great person and if running is what you do now then so be it. Life is not easy and being a mom is harder then it looks. Keep going because you never know something good may come out of it, like winning a marathon! Oh wait you already did that. :)

  12. Naysayers can suck it; haters can suck it; people who say you're selfish can...say it with me...suck it. We live in a society full victims -- "I don't have time to work out", "I could never train for a race". Well you do have time (even if it's at 5am) and yes, you actually could run a race (even it's a 5k). We all have the same 24-hrs in a day to work with; it's our choice how we spend it. You choose to spend your being mom, wife, friend and athlete. I'd say your decision making is spot on and your time management skills are excellent. Now get those negative voices out of your head and kill it tomorrow. Everyone else can...well, suck it.

  13. not sure why you even hear those folks. just keep on keeping on...

  14. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing selfish about doing what you love and doing it well. What better thing than to be able to do it all?

    You rock, dude.