Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Setting up 2010...

Finished 2009 in Vegas...13 marathons for the year (18 marathons total) and 4 halves (1o total I think)...lots of life changes for me and more to come in 2010...
No-one ever said running 13 marathons in a year was easy...
BUT then again I might take that over LIFES stuff...ANYDAY!
Need to get healthy mentally now....and get back in the race....

2010....here I come!

My goal is to end 2010 an Ironman...this I know will be my biggest challenge athletically EVER. My focus needs to be onl June 27th in CDA, Idaho....where it all starts for me in the water...I need to learn how to love the swim by then...I need to force myself to get in the water and just do what my coach tells me to do...I like it when it's over...it's a matter of getting there...Just like things in life...sometimes you have to do what you don't want to cuz it's painful...and sometimes when you do what you want to it's equally as painful....
SO...here I go....

My journey to Ironman is the REAL DEAL for me...the little races along the way are to keep me inspired, competitive and in check...I like to race...what can I say?

RACE Line Up 2010:
2/7/2010 Surf City Half Marathon http://www.runsurfcity.com/
March, 2010 TBD OR nothing.....?
4/19/2010 Boston Marathon http://www.bostonmarathon.org/
4/23-4/24/2010 Ragnar Relays, So Cal -Big Sur Challenge is OUT... :(
5/2/2010 Wildflower http://www.tricalifornia.com/index.cfm/WildFlower2010-main.htm
June 27th, 2010 IRONMAN Couer D'Alene http://www.ironmancda.com/
July 11th, 2010 Jungle Run...GOING to get my Monkey I was shimmed out of!
August 14th, 2010 Idaho Springs, Half Marathon...My Birthday...
August 27th http://www.hoodtocoast.com/
September TBD
October, 9th 2010 http://www.levisgranfondo.com/
November TBD
December TBD

** Subject to change...and add ons! haha....


  1. Nice! My training buddy did CdA this past year. That was the impetus for my own upcoming rendezvous with Ironman this year. The weekend you are at Wildflower, I will be tackling Ironman St George. Unlike you, I won't have run a marathon in nearly 4 years. But I did do 2 half Ironman this past year (Wildflower and Soma). It's a new adventure. Trying to enjoy swimming when it is COLD outside. Lots of bike miles to ride and running to do. And LOTS and LOTS of hills.

  2. Wow...good for you...I envy runners:) Found you on Twitter:)

  3. Impressive goals for 2010 - no doubt you can make it happen. Congrats on accomplishing your 2009 goals! Good luck on your first IM - my training is about a month behind yours (doing IMLP July 25, 2010.)

  4. Shelly - that is quite a hit-list for 2010. Great catching up with you today. Best of luck in the New Year. See you in Boston!