Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Follow Your Passion...Never Settle...

As the world turns...so do we. We grow older, wiser and smarter. We learn to let go of the "stuff" that doesn't matter and focus on the things that add value to our lives.  Family, friends and most important doing something WE LOVE.

I love people. I love fitness. I love being fit. I love watching people get fit. I love coaching people to achieve their goals. I think it is time I make "this" WHAT I DO.

Big changes in the works. Plotting.  :)

I like beer... :)

For now I am going continue to focus on the miles...and getting better.  The first 3 months of this year have been epic and life changing. I have learned much about myself and other people. Most importantly I have learned that I need to live authentically, be transparent and never give anyone a reason to question my integrity...  Focus on the positive and find good in every person you are blessed to cross paths with... don't judge others because everyone has a story.

The best thing about life....YOU get to pick your FANS!

Completed Races:

      • Lake Chabot half marathon, 3rd place (AG)
      • Catalina Marathon, 5th place (AG) HARD as a MOTHER!
      • She. Is. Beautiful 10K... back in the low 7 min mile range... 

Race Line Up:

      • RnR SF Half 4/6
      • Santa Cruz Half 4/13
      • Boston 4/21
      • June 1st, Diva Half, SF
      • July- Jungle Run, Los Altos
      • August 17th Lake Stevens Half Ironman
    • MORE to come!
Happy March Madness.... 

Drink Good Beer!

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  1. Welcome back! I just started to do my blog too I like the tude. Can't wait to see more!!!