Friday, April 18, 2014

Boston Strong

The Miles Back to Boston....
12 week training program tapering down... many emotions about going back to Boston or not going back to Boston. In my mind I keep saying...Been there, done that...BUT NOT the 2014 Boston Marathon...there will be nothing like it. A race of redemption for what happened to all of us in Boston last year. I can still hear the bombs. I can still see the mayhem unfold. I can still feel the fear of what will happen next. I can still remember wondering if my friends were OK & I certainly still feel the sadness and sympathy for everyone who was affected in Boston 2013....and that was all of us who were in the city on Marathon Monday.

3 days to Hopkinton...
THE RACE I have been thinking about for 1 year... 

I started this post before I decided to go back... after working through a decision process it was very clear to me that I needed to be in Boston on Patriots Day 2014 to RUN AS ONE with the world.

Much has happened in a year. I have learned to live authentically, true and be transparent.... 

You really ONLY get one chance at can be taken away in a minute!

Tomorrow I fly... off to Boston I go.  To be greeted by a city full of strength! I cannot wait to take that left turn onto Boylston! #Bostonstrong #Boston2014

Catch you in Boston!
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