Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Month to ME!

Yep...I'm in my 40's! Not that concerned...don't feel old...DON'T really care. I'm not giving in...why would I? I'm getting stronger, fitter and faster...I'm not defying anything....NO secrets.

The point is this...Aging doesn't mean you can't be fit. Having kids doesn't mean you have to be FAT! It doesn't mean you have to stop being active...In fact it's completely opposite! I have friends in their 40's and 30's who don't move at all...SIT on their asses and eat too much, don't work out and partake in their own pity parties! It makes my VOMIT!

There are a couple of rules I live by! The most important one is to work hard and play hard! I LOVE life! I try to do all the right things...and I do some things wrong! BUT I also believe moderation is the key. Surround yourself with people like YOU! EAT from the earth...processed food is SO not OK! H2O is important...GET hydrated! OH...enjoy your beer...I do. Most importantly...I do something to make myself SMILE everyday...I laugh at myself...I don't take myself too seriously. I jump off cliffs and I do flips on my trampoline! Don't be a hater..It makes you bitter = OLD. There are NO secrets about staying young...YOU just have to WANT TO! MoVE your A$$!

KEEP MOVING means training for me! Doing something better each time I try...pushing my body to work like a 20 year old (haha..I mean that!)...recovering fast and doing it better! Challenge is good...never surrender. My goal for 2009 is to complete 20 marathons by December 31...a marathon or maybe 2 a month...I made the GOAL and I never QUIT.

So... I promise to never GET OLD...2010 I challenge myself to be an Ironman, Boston Marathon and to get in better shape then I am this year! This is NO New Years Resolution...this is my LIFE!

Getting OLD is an OPTION! What's keeping YOU young?


  1. great post! I love your outlook on life. And, you are right, others should get a life and follow some of the basic rules. What's keep me young? Well, never thinking I am old. Eating well and exercising. Enjoying my wine and cheese. 38 going on 25!
    oh - Happy Birthday Month!

  2. Great post girl and Happy Early Birthday to you! You are fabtabulous!!!

  3. How the heck did I miss your bday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think we have already thoroughly discussed the secret to staying young, so I will just leave it at that!