Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am a RUNNER. That's what I do...I swim. I bike...BUT by nature I'm a RUNNER. I love it the MOST...So when a nagging pain strikes my body out of nowhere it sort of freaks me out. A LOT!

Over the last few months since the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon MY body has not recovered as fast as it normally does. Come on! I did 3 marathons in 13 days and PR'd the 3rd! I'm not sure what happened in San Diego BUT I know my body hasn't been the same since I finished that marathon!

The first issue post race was an IT Band issue...I'm fairly certain it was caused by all of the crowning of the streets and the constant downhill of the SD course. I didn't notice the pain until the following week when I started to increase my miles. Anything over 10 was so painful...SO I iced, stretched, rolled and took ibuprofen...1 week of this and it seemed to be OK! Started the miles again and the pain was back...grrrrrrrrr.

Second issue hit me out of nowhere. Sorta...SI joint...started up again after I got the Quintana Roo TT bike and started out maybe a little to aggressive. OR it might have been the cliff jumping I did while on my road trip! know the normal crap! 3 days and I was running again...This one is with me forever...I need to be good to these joints because mine happen to be defective..YEP, my SI joints are deformed. SO the orthopedic surgeon tells me....

The problem I have is listening to my body...When is it OK for me to get back out there and run!? I know cross training is just as good for me BUT I love pounding the pavement...sorta is the thing that takes me away. This week I did the unthinkable...I QUIT in the middle of a 20 mile run..The pain in the IT band was so bad I almost puked...Called for a ride and that was it. For the first time I am listening to my body talk to me...I tend to think I am made of steel most the time so a little pain to me means nothing...BUT I have many races coming up and I don't want to blow it...CROSS training this week has been my escape...BUT today I am feeling a run coming on....the ITB pain is gone and NO SI joint pain...I'd like to keep it that way! The question now; should I run or not run? Wait it out? I have a sprint tri in a week! I have a marathon in 1 and half weeks...WHAT to do???

Here are a couple reads that come in handy for me!

HAPPY Training! injury FREE of course!

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  1. Girl you are a machine! I can't wait to run with you in November! Take it easy out there!!!