Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Taper Sucks!

Kicking off my next races lands me in TAPER week...I hate this tapering crap....it sucks the life out of ME and I feel completely worthless and BITCHY. I try to stick to the training schedule BUT I have a tad more energy then to just do 7.5 miles before race day...

I use Hal Higdons advanced training programs...I know if I stick to it I will be better race day. I constantly ask myself why is a taper important...what's the deal? I don't crave the carbs...I know how much food is good for my body...my issue is that I NEED to do miles...the more miles I can run the more complete I am. The less BITCHY...

What the damn TAPER does to me is makes me THINK way too much about my performance on RACE day. My ability...my goal. Is this bad? Maybe...not sure....I also tend to be more stressed out race week...shorter tempered...haven't gotten violent yet BUT I want to punch stupid people now and then...REST DAYS suck...AND I know I need them...BUT 3 rest days really could kill me...and by rest days does that mean NO bike or swim?

So here I am...5 days from my marathon...I want to PR, sub 3:30 on a flat course...I want to be top 5 in my age group and I need to stay strong the entire race... SO maybe that's why a I should TAPER!

RACE schedule 2009:
8/30 Santa Rosa
9/20 Maui
10/4 Cowtown
10/11 Long Beach
10/18 Nike half
11/15 Malibu
12/7 Vegas
(Does this mean every week is a taper now??)

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  1. you've got enough training experience and are in tune with your body enough to know what works for you. the programs in books, magazines and online are still made for mass consumption and not specific to your particular needs. The taper my be a necessary evil for 90% of the running population, but you might fall into the 10% where it does no good whatsoever. And if following the training schedule to the letter turns you into a bitchy monster, what good is shaving off a few seconds anyway? I say listen to your body and defy the routine if you have to. Since when do you follow the rules anyway?

  2. Thanks for sharing the links. I'm stressing about taper right now too... and I've still got 5 weeks til it starts but I just think it's too much so I have been looking at other options.

    Good luck on your race girl!!!!