Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting it IN...on the Road

Day one of the road trip complete..getting to Portland! Thank GOD yesterday was a rest run, swim or bike. MANY miles on the road...almost 600 to be exact! Just me and the kids! That was a workout enough! Made it to Portland alive with only one mishap...the 9 yro peed on my foot! Besides that mostly uneventful...just a lot of complaining by the 13 yro. UGH!

Arrived in Portland to be greeted by my niece at the door with a ICE cold beer...IT was the best beer ever! Nice dinner party with 20! They too will do anything for a party...and our arrival was a perfect reason! haha...

Today, not a day off. I need to get the training in while on the road...This usually isn't a challenge for me BUT I need to fit in the swim and the bike too. Running is can just get it done anywhere BUT the other 2 take planning.

I'm 6 weeks out from the Santa Rosa Marathon 8/30...BUT have The Ragnar relay Friday and Saturday 7/25 - 7/26! AND the Cour de'Alene Olympic Tri on 8/8. I think I will add in the the sprint tri on 8/23 when I get home...

Tomorrow we head to Seattle for a week or so...scheduling will be easier staying in one place a little longer! Weather is supposed to hold out for the week! May be able get in some open water swims in Lake Washington or Sammamish!

Must get focused and get my days coordinated...20 days on the road is a LONG time!

Check out a few training programs I use and the relay (I'm runner #1)!

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