Thursday, July 16, 2009

Race on

Big day...big decision! Not really. My sister has these powers over me. When she suggests something I pretty much take it and go with it. I haven't done a triathlon for years. I signed up for Ironman Cour de'Alene 2010 because I needed a BIGGER challenge. With 12 marathons behind me and tattoo to show for it I knew Ironman was next! So it all starts NOW. Swim. Bike. Run. August 8th I re-enter the triathlon world with an olympic distance tri! The rest of 2009 my race schedule is booked. Lots to do...lots to accomplish. I will hit 20 marathons by Dec 31, 2009! (need one more race on my schedule!)

To date here are the marathons I have run:
  1. Silicon Valley
  2. Napa
  3. Big Sur
  4. CIM missed BQ by 53 seconds...PACE dude SUCKED!
  5. Cour de'Alene (Boston qualified 3:45)
  6. Nike Womans....HATED this race! Never the full again!
  7. Phoenix Rock and Rock (Boston qualified again 3:39)
  8. Napa AGAIN! (Boston Qualified again 3:35)
  9. BOSTON! 3:37! Every year until I die!
  10. Big Sur...6 days later 3:52
  11. Eugene 7 days after BS....PR 3:32
  12. San Diego Rock and Roll... 3:47, I walked backwards waiting for Monica for 15 mins!

I thought I had 13 down...YIKES! I seemed to have lost one in my mind! I will find it...hmmm.

Races Scheduled for the remainder of the year:

  1. Jungle Run half marathon 7/19
  2. Ragnar Relay 7/25-7/26
  3. Cour de'Alene Olympic Triathlon 8/8
  4. Santa Rosa Marathon 8/30
  5. Maui Marathon 9/20
  6. Cowtown Marathon 10/4
  7. Long Beach Marathon 10/11
  8. Nike Half Marathon SF 10/18
  9. USA Half Marathon 11/1
  10. Malibu Marathon 11/15
  11. Las Vegas Marathon 12/6


  1. very impressive! Nice job, and good luck!

  2. like I tweet at you all the time - you are a MACHINE!

    next time my husband says I do too much, I'm just sending him to you. :)