Saturday, July 18, 2009

Race nerves...they never ever stop

It never fails...I always have race nerves. It doesn't matter how many races I have knocked out I still get butterflies in my tummy before every race. I can't decide if it's the excitement of the race or the excitement of it being MY race, a new PR...A new challenge! The size of the race doesn't matter...the half marathon tomorrow is going to be fast and flat BUT I'm still nervous!

The day before ANY race usually flies by...I try to do everything to NOT think about the race BUT that's all I think about. Today I was lucky to meet up with cool peeps and enjoy some lunch to talk race, all good. I had many to do's to keep my mind off of tomorrow.

That brings me to here...I sit. I plan. I visualize what the 1st, 2nd, 3rd miles should feel like..How I can make it to my half way point exactly where I need to pace myself. I feel strong today. I implemented a lot of speed work this week and stayed on marathon training schedule..I use Hal's advanced 1 program! I feel pretty confident that I can PR with a sub 1:42 tomorrow.

I pick BLUE to run in. MY fasted half marathon was in this shirt! I always PR in blue and sometimes red..BUT tomorrow it's about the blue. I have packed my belt with all my needed items (no ) and have all my clothes laid out. YES, I am a dork like that ONLY because I am nervous...YOU get one chance to run your race...AND to me that means races aren't training runs..they are races. YOU do what you give it all you have! YOU run your OWN race! If I stop getting nervous I need to move on...BUT today I still have nerves! I'm so glad....
Check out a couple of my favorite race things: (electrolytes) (check out my infiniti 2 shoes, SUPER HOT!)


  1. Love the routine, the nerves, the BLUE. Hope it brings you all the luck you need to capitalize on your hard training! Have a blast!

  2. I always get super nervous, too - although I haven't done nearly as many races as you!

    I know you're going to be fantastic today!