Friday, July 17, 2009

Running is about one thing...

I run because I can. I run because it makes me feel complete. I run because I would probably explode if I didn' makes me less anxious. The REAL reason I run is for the friendships I make along the miles. Running brings people together. The most unexpected relationships form and last. My best friends are "runners"...They don't run as fast but I always slow down so I can take in the conversation. Sometimes we don't talk for the week just to have LOTS to talk about on those Sunday long training runs!

Last nights Sunset Run was a perfect example of how a 5 mile run brings friends together! 5 people with this thing in common...running. All different paces just doing the thing we do... Always something to chat about making the run cruise by in a flash! Good times last night with Andrea, John, Maritza and Tara!

The post run celebration is always my favorite! Last night we landed here: and the food was yummy, the beer was delish.. BUT the stories and laughs were by far the best of all! Not quite sure how 3 hours went by so fast! AND by the way...MY car was locked in the marina when I went to get it...good thing for 4 wheel drive is all I'm sayin!

Here's to more Sunset runs, runs, laughs, friends! All GOOD!
My next race is Sunday! Doing a half: Send me good race MOJO..thinking about a PR, sub 1:40? See all my pals there! RACE ON!

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  1. seriously one of the best reasons to run...friends ♥ had so much FUN last night!!!! you're gonna kick major a$$ at the Jungle run! wish we could party post-race!!!