Thursday, July 30, 2009

TO infiniti and beyond..RAGNAR!

If there is a chance..the slightest The Ragnar Relay! Never will you have so much fun...for me that isn't hard..BUT Ragnar was a blast!

A week ago I was heading to a van NOT knowing anyone (except Christine) I was going to be hanging with for the next 30+ hours...unsuspecting of anything that was about to happen!

You know how the relay went for me.. I ran my fastest, yadda yadda, had fun...drank beer, ate nachos, nothing unusual... WHAT you don't know is how damn funny that VAN ride was for 370 miles!

Our relay took 29 hours to finish the 187 miles of the Pacific Northwest Passage...I lacked patience and really missed the point during my waiting... I'm competitive. What can I say? What I didn't miss was the camaraderie...BECAUSE that really is what running a relay is all about.

The name of our relay team was SLOW and STEADY..I should have known from the name it was not about the speed! AND like our teams name we were just that...What I learned from Ragnar is that first impressions aren't always right and that friendships just happen! I also learned that 187 miles ISN'T that far...

SOME RAGNAR memories:
**Running in the dark requires a head lamp, a reflective vest and an ASS flasher...I used the head lamp to look for bear, cheetah and often times monkeys!
** Christine blowing chunks after her first leg...AWESOME!
**I taught the team that BEER and nachos make you faster..AND it does! CARB load...
**Reflective vests are super cool...especially when they have lots of flashing lights! AND when they look like Buzzlight year BUT turn out to be Nancy...
**YOU have to be a team player...When D allegedly sprained his ankle Kathy picked up his final mile of his 2.9 mile run..Please! Christine of course said "OMG! I sprained my ankle and kept running 15 more miles!" I of course told D to get his out of the van and keep running...OH and pick up your pace!
** Yelling out the window of the VAN to every RUNNER on the COURSE! Looking good, finish STRONG..or whatever...
**Annie yelling at Christine.. "QUIT twittering and help!!"
**Annie renaming our team Vest Molesters! Yes..the flashing lights made for some HOT vests!
** Sleeping in a VAN isn't so bad...especially with a sweaty beach towel.
** making Stacy WAIT 7 minutes in the exchange at 4:30 AM...NOT my fault your VAN lost you!
** You can set the bar high...and you can make people WANT to push a little harder!


  1. Cool report! You do make it sound like fun!

  2. Love ya, man. I would have waited another 7 minutes. Well, only becaue I had no choice! Way to make up the time!